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Julia Reynolds is a young singer/songwriter who is based in Kansas City.
Along with the singing and songwriting, she also plays many instruments (piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion, bouzouki, erhu, bongos etc) and is always learning more to add to her collection.
Julia performs and writes in many different styles, but her main styles she is currently radiating towards are rock, alternative, edm and folk. Speaking of folk, she is currently in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist/songwriter, Michael Johnson, in writing and recording three alternative folk albums- one of which will be coming out very, very soon.
In her solo work, Julia has been working on producing three rock/edm style albums as well- 
one of which will be accompanying the folk album with a release around the same time.
Julia loves fashion and modeling, and loves to intertwine that into her musical art through costuming and makeup. 

In her pastime, some of Julia's favorite activities (other than music) include:
yoga, being around animals, traveling, video games, reading books, working out, YouTube vlogging, photography, and art. 

"In my music and in life, my philosophy is love and authenticity."



Santa Caligon, Independence Music series, Guest for Julia Othmer, Art Showings, Back to the roots @ Ollies, Piano improv for numerous artsy events, WestInd Connection Pride Walk, Serenity The Square Girls On The Run Fundraiser, Allen Myers' Jazz Orchestra Guest Vocalist, Thadapalooza, Make Liberty Music Festival, Art in the Park, Mushroom Festival, Co-Writing/producing/singing theme song with author Anthony Warheart, Church Choir and Praise Band, Church Senior Luncheons, Rebel Song Academy Showcases, John Knox Village, Red Hat Group, Wellness Wheel, Lions' Club, Relay For Life, Local Festivals, and private parties, ETC.        

Examples of past events/performances:

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