Photography by

Artist Jeni Reynolds

and myself



Guest Photographers: Leah Diaz, Ian Noah

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Julia Reynolds is a very rare creature who has a huge obsession with anything that makes neat sounds. She can commonly be found in her natural habitat, the Kansas City area, adorned with large eyeliner wing markings on her face. Like the birds, she sings to communicate with other creatures. If you're lucky, you may get a sighting of not only her, but also her fellow band creatures called Three Infinity.

Julia Reynolds loves to write her own songs. Some of them include Galaxies, Storm, Chaos and Where Did You Go, of which performances can be found on YouTube.

She loves to play any instrument she can get her hands on, her weakness being brass in general.

Some instruments she loves to play are: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Pan Flute, Acordian, Drums, and Er Hu.

Be sure to watch her closely, because she plans to spread her wings with a CD(s) as soon as fate beholds it.

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