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Indy Pride Glow Walk (WestInd Connection) Show prep
Free Hippie Girl
Listening to upcoming song in the studio
Make Music Liberty 2021, show with Michael Johnson
Queen of Crazy
Fashion for getting 2nd Covid Vaccine
In the studio- Lemon Tree
Michael Johnson in the studio- Lemon Tree
Birthday party concert
Late night waffle jam
Concept: Don't Play With Fire
Concept- Don't Play With Fire 2
Frickin Awesomeness
Special music
My rock machine
Some of the earliest Lemon Tree merch
Edm fashion
Lemon Tree outdoor rehearsal
Collab with Jnabe at GFM Studio
Recording session
Jnabe Collab
Producing Queen of Crazy
Lemon Tree
Opening for Jesse Kinch at Santa Caligon
Catch me if you can
I want to own a tank and drive it in parades
Performance for small town Baccalaureate Ceremony
Concept art
Waiting for the Day production
Virtual concert from home
Christmas Concert at the grand
Christmas Concert style
Queen of Crazy early concept art
Jan Jensen is awesome
Chili Cookoff Pianist
Chili Cookoff Pianist 2
Thadapalooza Christmas Concert @ Westind Connection
Fancy Christmas Party
Fancy Christmas Party 2
Escorted to the Santa Caligon Stage
Nature singer
Concert by the Woods with Trevor Sieba, Nate Hayes, and Zac Ferguson
Concert by the Woods with Trevor Sieba, Nate Hayes, and Zac Ferguson 2
Nature singin
Battle of the bands winners @ Nelson Atkins Museum
Roaring at the Nelson Atkins Museum
Leona Noel! @ Thadapalooza/Westind Connection
Guest in Julia Othmer's Record Bar concert
One of the best nights of my life w/ Julia Othmer and her band
Rehearsal with Julia Othmer, Amado Espinoza, and band
Shoe addict
Hanging out with cosplayer Maggie
Polly McCann painted this beautiful portrait of me doing one of my favorite activities- eating
Relay for Life National Anthem
Rosie Girl
Jumpsuit cover
A part of my soul
Sugar rush
Battle of the Bands @ Nelson Atkins Museum 1st place performance
Face the music
Improv at a Mansion
Improv at a mansion 2
Five more minutes...
Me, Nate Hayes, Trevor Sieba, Zac Ferguson, and The Shoes
Fancy car, fancy dress
Concert with Nate Hayes, Zac Ferguson and Trevor Sieba at the Independence Market
Filming for Smoke and Mirrors- collab with Sammy the Bolt
Band handshake with Nate Hayes and Zac Ferguson
One of my favorite pieces- Waterlilies by Monet
North Kansas City St. Patrick's Parade
Nelson Atkins Shuttlerock
Concept art/editing
Valentines Day Concert with Zac Ferguson
I see u
Battle of the band winners (Nate Hayes, me, Zac Ferguson)
Blacklight blues
Santa Caligon getup
Me and my mom-anger lookin fine af
Three Infinity Logo
Field of hopes and dreams
Shopping for my keyboard
Prom Queen
Donut Bother Me